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yoyo8346 "born from a bucket of milk" *Banned for extremely descriptive erp*
Lerola tag All bless the Son of Lars, the one who was born from a bucket of milk with an essence of awesomeness!
Akiriza I made an appearance in the video.

Hello My Fellow Uthrandirians!

Since august 3rd Uthrandir has been compliant with the EULA regulations set out by mojang. Because our old donation system relied heavily on perks that are now illegal, we have had to abandon our old system in favor of a new system. Rather than selling ranks, this new system focuses on selling individual items where the player can pick and choose what they want. All rewards are purely cosmetic. Players can donate to receive 'charity points', which can be turned in for individual items in the shop.

Find everything you need to know here!
sadertyr.jpg tag Derpllon strikes again. Fix the link pl0x.

Take it to the Bank!!!

Bellon a posted Aug 17, 14

The vaults of Karuk Thol are a place to virtually store gold coins, ingots, and blocks. For many soli have the Dwarves and Dwarblins been managing the great halls.

Thank you yoyo!!!
_EpicKnight_ While this video is nice and helpful, I still wish you could just /home and zap to your vault instead of having to take ...
Joker I like how the still of the video looks like that bloke is frolicking with some gold ingots... can we frolic with our go ...
Lars a Awesome! My long lost son.... btw whos your mom?

The songs did cease when long ears peeked
When creaking sounds in forests leaked
Their Elvish blades were much impaired ‘gainst
Flying spell and Livilon’s made

The cries had sounded in the night
The laughter followed them with spite
They suffered long, yet fell forlorne
For triumphant deeds did ne’r perform

Now memories long endured in time 
Fall mournful, morose and maligned 
The Silver hand ‘neath threats unplanned
Made now to scatter sacred land

So now they seek revenge from those
Most wretched souls who Death arose
With hero’s might will end the blight
And part their bodies from their souls

After being defeated by the townsfolk of Zelix, under the leadership of the Stonefists, both Dorothy and the Broodmother Livilon fell back to the safety of the forest. After taking the time needed to regain their strength, Dorothy and Livilon set their eyes upon Harathendel.
The Silverhand Elves of Harathendel retreated to the Mansion nearby and are requesting aid to free themselves from the infestation of their sacred Dell.
_EpicKnight_ "So now they seek revenge from those Most wretched souls who Death arose" No no no, this is how it should go: ...
Fernando_Coruja O.o What happens to Keyba?
Orenten A troubling event that will call upon the strength of the lands once more. Will the defenders be able to hold off the tw ...

The Haggling Halfling Returns

Lars a posted Jul 11, 14
The Haggling Halfling Event has returned today at 5 PM server time. If you want to know what this time means in your timezone, look here. You can check out this thread for more information.

See you there!
123killerfreak Maaaan, you should've changed it to a different picture, I got confused and didn't notice!
sadertyr.jpg tag You set the time on the converter to AM lars Bad lars. ...
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