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Uthmas Has Come Again!!!

Bellon a posted Dec 19, 14

Hello Beloved of Uthrandir,

Uthmas has come again and we are offering a few fun things to the community. View our donation shop here: http://uthrandir.enjin.com/donations#shop-653980

Check out details on all the different items here: http://uthrandir.enjin.com/forum/m/7786138/viewthread/17841437-uthmas-2014

We also have some wonderful content - worked on by our wonderful Uthmas team; Joker, Bhs, Yoyo, Groundwalrus, Ria, Ytsen, Deador with help from Mougle - that is open to the entire server.

Please enjoy all the wonderful fruits of the Uthmas season. It is a wonder and a blessing to still be going strong after almost 3 years!!!

All the money collected from the Uthmas package will be used to keep the server up and running for years to come. We wanted to offer players as much as we possibly could without breaching any EULA guidelines. As you all know, there are not many chances that we can offer the community to give back however, give what you can and thank you all so much for spending pieces of your lives with us. It is an honor and a privilege to share in your lives... if only for a while. 

Be kind to one another.

- Bellon
Server Owner
Saffarr I get...a pet marlin? Isn't that abuse Bellon? D: Though I'll take it anyday. ...
OlightningX I may or may not have never actually gotten my "tales from the land of Uthrandir" copy from last year yet. Oh ...
Kath x So I had one concern. Those of us who donated last year lost access to our homes, and all of the commands. Is this gone ...

Hi, I am OlightningX, or as many of you know me, the gentleman, Gentleman Sir! For the past few months I have been creating my very own video game, "The Eigengrau Menagerie”, which features a universe I have fashioned for the characters that this server helped inspire me to create! Characters such as Liarch the Pilgrim of Lightning, Eidengrau Truth, and Gentleman Sir! The game is currently going through the Steam Greenlight submission process, and I need the Uthrandir community’s help to officially get it onto the Steam store! If you wish to help get this game on steam, please, follow the link below and vote "Yes!” on the game!

 We need your help!!! Help a part of Uthrandir get on Steam!

The Eigengrau Menagerie

rasxt1 That is awsome man!
Carleen6 I love yer art OX! Super excited! XD


Bellon a posted Oct 4, 14

The Uthrandir server aims to provide a unique, dynamic, mature and nurturing roleplay experience for all members our community, providing a creative space in which the players may experiment and grow. The Uthrandir server strives to achieve excellence in all facets of its development and to always strive to be ‘ahead of the norm’; never settling for mediocrity or giving into laziness and maintain our values and morales in perpetuity.

It is our ambition to facilitate the creation of an immersive and evolving world. We intend to let the lore come to life in the game itself through our own actions, but we also feel that it cannot truly flourish without the input from our playerbase. We wish to engage in open conversation with our players to listen to their ideas, concerns and wishes.

Please Support Uthrandir by visiting our Facebook Page and YouTube.

Gildefyre I'm really glad to see something like this put up, and I hope it's a regular occurrence. I'm sure it's not just me who l ...
WildWyvern Same, I look forward to see what happens with this server in the near future.
Parkerfamily538 I'm glad to see my idea for a podcast to go into effect. Nice, I enjoyed it.
yoyo8346 tagtag "born from a bucket of milk" *Banned for extremely descriptive erp*
Lerola tag All bless the Son of Lars, the one who was born from a bucket of milk with an essence of awesomeness!
Akiriza I made an appearance in the video.

Hello My Fellow Uthrandirians!

Since august 3rd Uthrandir has been compliant with the EULA regulations set out by mojang. Because our old donation system relied heavily on perks that are now illegal, we have had to abandon our old system in favor of a new system. Rather than selling ranks, this new system focuses on selling individual items where the player can pick and choose what they want. All rewards are purely cosmetic. Players can donate to receive 'charity points', which can be turned in for individual items in the shop.

Find everything you need to know here!
sadertyr.jpg tag Derpllon strikes again. Fix the link pl0x.
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