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The Beastkeeper Speaks

deadoor28 atag posted Nov 16, 15

The Beastkeeper, a being driven by his savage heart, has unleashed his beasts into the lands of Caerundal....and now a hunt begins.

Video made by:

deadoor28: Writing/Video Editing

Xander: Voice/Video Editing

Carleen: Music

DeltaNom: Art

Gildefyre o Yes! Yes? Yes.
superBlast o Oh oh! Hope to play a bigger role in this one! Even if I don't I expect it to be fun anyways!
FluffyRavens why beastkeeper tho. why not beekeeper. save the bees.

Special thank you to Psykat_SA for putting together an EXCELLENT Newcomer's Guide for our players.

Please take a look at it when you have a chance. You'll be suprised what you didn't know.

Newcomer's Guide - by Psykat_SA

Also, a lot of our Planet Minecraft page was redone. Check it out, make some awesome comments and diamond us if you haven't already. Many thanks guys!

Upon this glorious day everyone is invited to celebrate the joining of Nari Kiori Arras of Mosayis and Valandil Meneldur of Elen'dor in marriage as their bond shall bring the two mighty Elven empires closer.

All those who attend will be expected to be dressed in presentable formal ettire and have a proper gift to show your respect and well wishes for the grand coronation of Mosayis' new Matriarch.


FluffyRavens I'll bring my fishie!
Psykat_SA o Congratulations! ♥

Uthrandir Training Video

Bellon a posted Sep 29, 15

A video to both entertain and teach new players the basics of starting out on Uthrandir! Keep an eye out for more videos and guides to come!

Thank you to Greatlando for recording and editing the video! Zeefa for voice acting, Carleene for composing the Music, and the entire Media Team. Make sure to check out the Uthrandir forums if you are interested in joining our wonderful minecraft RP community!

Fletchers1 Some professional acting from deadoor ^^
HunterRS @ Uthrandir Roleplay
I can't watch it because school Wifi but it looks good just from what it says, good job you guys!

Professions are finally here!!

Go to Lammermoor to give a shot at Blacksmithing, Cooking or Scholarship.

Each of the professions offer the players a special advantage when it come to gameplay. Professions enchance the gameplay experience and roleplay.

Whilst the Blacksmithing proffession is completly done, only Level 1 is ready for Cooking and Scholarship. The remaining levels will be unlocked over time. While the professions are in beta testing, please send any bugs or complaints you find.

Have fun!

Gildefyre o I'm torn. They all look good. ;-;
sadertyr.jpg tag Small bug, at least in scholarship. Most of the base ingredients don't work because they are named differently then the ...
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