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The Divine Writ of Kings

Bellon a posted Jun 27, 15

The Age of Kings is in full force on Uthrandir. We are now implimenting items that will give the Kings and Queens that have worked so hard to achieve their Kingdoms the recognition they deserve.

As promised and voted for here. We will be implementing the top 5 perks over the next several weeks. According the CoC teams this is the list of the official CoC Kings and Queens.

Alfrodull: BoneEdge
Cyneard: Michael_Dirix
da' Back Breaka!: Ericrat
Rogarran: Bojan999
Etessal: Sir_Serix
Hye Kin'Raa: rialangset
Darkling Woods: brcoke96
Newfall: Exuron
Mosayis: Mougle

Important Note: If you are a Vassalage you can not get a crown. You are a lesser King and absolved your Divine Right to your Governor. However, if you have the appropriate Influence throughout the land and are independent you will be granted your Divine Right.

Kings, please proceed to the Hall of Kings to put up your official Character Profile and Read the Writ of Kings. Only yourself and certain staff have posting rights to that section. Also notice that it is under Official Server Lore. Your Bloodlines and other Nobility may post in the Nobility Section.

Again, thank you and Long may you all reign, Sovereigns of Uthrandir!

For any mistakes or complaints please contact the CoC team. They have tags.

Brojan tag That's not the name of my kingdom man...
ericrat ♗ tag Can I have that change to "da' Back Breaka!" since thats the offical name. With the exclamation mark.
NorthernLynx o
NorthernLynx @ Uthrandir Roleplay
Sweet! This post clears a lot of things up, great job ...

Just incase you missed it here is the battle between Darkling Woods and Varraine. This means War!!

Uthrandir Mini Pack!

Bellon a posted May 23, 15

Uthrandir MiniPack!!

Our Beloved YoYo and co. are on a roll!

Follow the link to get your hands on the Uthrandir Minipack!!!

The art team has completed an exciting project that will make Uthrandir even more one-of-a-kind than it already is. The Uthrandir Minipack is a resource pack overlay that changes the looks of certain items to enhance RP immersion. We've also included some funny Uthrandir-related "splashes" (which are those random yellow phrases on the MC title screen) that you'll have to check out when you launch MC.

- yoyo8346

+ Sven's Palace Casino Opening Night +

Don LaRossa watched intently as two burly men installed the primitive monster of a slot machine. "Don't scratch the hardwood flooring!". Tony LaRossa walked up to the Don with a bundle of freshly printed poster. "The posters are ready Don LaRossa.". The Don flipped through a few of them before saying: "I want you and your men to travel caerundal tacking these around. We still have a cycle before opening night." Tony nodded and signaled his men to follow. "I'll see you then, pop." Tony said as he walked out the door. Don LaRossa smiled at him, then turning back to the painfully precarious intallation. "Be careful!".

Don't miss this special event put together by the amazing YOYO!!!

May 17, 2015

Starts at 2:00 pm Server Time!

Flobin_ So is anyone excited for Fallout 4?
EmpressofNightmares 45 minutes until the event. The hype is real <3
overlord2305 Finaly! a occasion where my skimpy dress isn't out of place!

The Ballad of the Elven King

Come and enjoy almost 19,000 years of rich history and Lore. 

Xeios ♚ tag In the Uthrandir resource pack, one of the jukebox disks should be changed to this song.
yoyo8346 tagtag What's this for?
VampsWillDie95 That's lovely. It almost makes you wonder why the elves don't have a city.
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