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The Haggling Halfling

Lars a posted Mar 20, 14

This Friday at 7 PM Server Time yoyo8346, oliver_a and mougle will be hosting a server event in Tulley Town.

Up for auction will be custom paintings from this thread as well as custom RP items. The auction is all in RP.

Find out more here.

Bellon a Well done guys!

Read more here.
marth56 @ Roleplay
What if your money glitched out in the old plugin so you now cannot transfer it from your old vault to your new one?

A Plague Upon Zelix

Bellon a posted Mar 7, 14

Sign up to aid Zelix in the defense of its city.
Don't forget to roleplay BEFORE you show up to the assault. It would be impolite to show up to fight and never even speak to the Hero's of Zelix.

Have fun guys!

Read here to learn more and go here to sign up.

Villains = Not able to PvP, must stand and taunt and rp
Heroes = May fight the OOC mobs and RP fight the Villains, 
Defenders = May fight the OOC mobs and MUST follow the orders of the Heroes

Photo Credit
Sooncon @ Roleplay
Seems that it turned out good for Zelix.
Markisbeest What happened to Jinx's comment?
Nommy My characater is most probably gonna die :c

Our very own Sam_Smoove kicks off his very own Uthrandir Series, Uthrandir Adventures.
Who knew there was so much swag?

Miss Uthrandoom watch out! Swag's in da House!
HDToast Well. Guess I picked a really bad place to afk for a minute o -o
yoyo8346 Is it actually pronounced Chair-rundal? I always thought it was pronounced like care-rundal
123killerfreak Y so swagalicious?

'A Walk in the World' writing competition is now live!

You have until Saturday 1st March to write an entry to the competition and doing so means you could win the game 'Banished'!

Find out more info here!
Centurion_87 I bought this game the other day and I can tell you right now that it is an excellent game and a stellar prize.
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